Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My life isn't particularly interesting or incredibly exciting. I don't have any utterly hilarious stories or any "juicy gossip" to share. But it certainly isn't dull either. I'm really happy. Like, really really. So, I decided to make a list of what it is that makes me happy.

Jesus and the relationship I have with Him makes me happy.
Sleeping makes me happy.
Summer makes me happy.
Sunshine makes me happy.
Record breaking tennis matches make me happy.
Random phone calls make me happy.
Unexpected texts make me happy.
My sister's voice and her laughter make me happy.
Unnecessary friendliness makes me happy.
Helpful neighbors make me happy.
Texas makes me happy.
The big blue sky makes me happy, especially when it's unobstructed by ugly city buildings.
Stars make me happy. They make me very happy.
Driving makes me happy, cause it means I'm going somewhere.
Protection and comfort make me happy.
Getting surprises makes me really happy.
So does surprising other people.
Puppies and kittens make me happy.
Even my pet fish named Puppy makes me happy.
Having time to be creative makes me happy.
Learning cool new things makes me happy.
Taking pictures makes me happy.
And sharing them with others makes me happy.
Best friends make me happy.
Butterfinger Blizzards make me happy. Very happy. Favorite ice cream.
Blankets make me happy.
Campfires and the smell of smoke make me happy.
Family makes me happy, and being with them is perfect.
It makes me happy when I'm always doing something, even if it's nothing.
Dancing makes me super happy.
So does country music.
Even though it's strange, wearing my socks inside out makes me happy.
Helping people makes me happy.
Making things makes me happy.
Dr. Pepper makes me happy. Probably because I'm addicted.
Music makes me happy.
Hugs make me really happy.
Pillows and reading make me happy.
and did I mention sleeping? :-)

These aren't in any exact order of what makes me most happy.
Except the first two.
Living a life focused on God truly does make me happier than anything else in the world.
And sleeping does, in fact, make me the second most happy, believe it or not.

As you can probably see, it does't take anything really big to make me happy. It genuinely is the small things in life that make me happy. I might be a complicated girl, but it doesn't take complicated things for me to be happy.

So. What makes you happy?