Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This has been a very eventful weekend. I visited my family in east Tennessee, got to ride a motorcycle for the first time and loooooved it.
Then... Greg, Ashley, and I went to visit Ian.
Ian is a counselor at Boxwell this summer. He works with lots of other males at Boyscout camp. Most of these guys (the counselors) don't see females for extended periods of time. They work at a boyscout camp. So, as a relatively good-looking young woman, when I got onto the camp grounds, the gentlemen were very... very friendly. Particularly this one guy - Duckyboy. When we got there, Ian told us that we could go rappelling down the giant tower they have. This tower is the tallest building in the county.
Anyway, so as soon as I decided to rappel, Duckyboy offers to help me put on my harness. Considering I didn't know how to put it on, since it's not like the ones we use to rock climb, I accepted. He told me his name was Kyle, but everyone calls him Duck.
My last name is Duckworth.
Oh. Okay. Thanks for the help.
Noo problem.
So I make my way up the fourteen thousand flights of stairs, and Blake (cute, friendly, not overbearing counselor) sets up my rappel and belay ropes. I slowly lean out over ledge so I can begin rappelling. It took me forever the first time. I was frightened. Finally make my way to the bottom of the tower.
and untie the ropes. Duckyboy comes over, takes the metal pieces off my harness and questions whether I'll do it again or not. Insists that I do. Puts the metal pieces back onto my harness. Talks about Texas. Asks which part I'm from. Says something about moving there... I climb back up to the top of the tower. Rappel much more quickly this time. Untie my own ropes. Belay off. Rappel off. Done. Join Ian, Ashley, Greg, Duckyboy, and the other counselors. Duckyboy takes the metal pieces off my harness again. Accidentally touches the one that's scalding hot from the friction. Burns himself. Smooth. Then he begins to try and burn other counselors with it so it's funny and he's showing off instead of just looking like an idiot. Yeah... Like that helped.
Since Ian wants to show Greg, Ash, and I around camp, we leave that area. As we're walking off, Ian says, "Glad ya got to experience Duck hitting on you. I knew he would pounce on you as soon as he saw you." Pounce. What a nice word. Greg and I have been using it in our discussions on MMA. Mixed Martial Arts. Extreme fighting. Pounce -
to swoop down suddenly and grasp, as a bird does in seizing its prey. Pounce and prey go together.
So we walk around the camp, go to the trading post, lots of good stuff. As we get back to the parking lot, guess who's in the process of moving his car... Oh wait... His minivan. His deteriorating, dilapidated, 1999, ghetto, pimped out MINIVAN. Yeah! It was Duckyboy. And his music is blaring way loud. Ian says he's glad Duck continues to show off for me. While we walk back to the car, Greg stays behind me so as to protect me from the stare. And then... when we drive off... oh man.....
Um... Just make sure from now on that anytime you stare at something in motion, follow ALL the way through. Follow with the eyes until they can't move any further. Then follow through with the head. Until your neck can't turn anymore. Then follow through with your whole body. And you can easily keep rotating until the object of your gawking is out of sight. Oh, and make sure you're sporting a creepy, stalkerish grin. It totally puts the finishing touch on the stare.

Speaking of finishing touches... Today, Ian texted Ashley with news that Duckyboy wants my number. Lol. Riiiiight. Apparently, Ian told him I have a boyfriend. Greg searched for Duckyboy on facebook. Found him. FRIEND REQUESTED HIM. No joke. I do believe he'll send hate mail. He's mentioned beating him down numerous times. I don't think I actually have to worry about this creepy stalker Duckyboy. It was pretty funny though. Greg and Ash keep bringing it up. They called me Brianna Duckworth. We decided it just doesn't have that ring.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Summer's funny. Because I have trouble keeping up with what day it is.
Today one of my friends told me she was headed home from camp, and my automatic response was, "Wait, you're not supposed to leave until Friday." Then I realized it actually is Friday.
I've worked out every single day this week. At least once. Two or three times in some cases.
I. Am. Worn. Out.

End of story.
So. I'm'a post my picture and go to sleep.

There are so many corn fields around here. And the sky was pretty. So I took a picture of this little wavy section. Ashley thinks Greg and I are weird for noticing details like this.

Man, I wish I was as funny as Lisa. Her blogs are so funny. Sometimes I feel lame. Now is one of those times. Heh.. Going to bed now. K, bye.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pulaski Pike

Today is my sister's birthday. She turned 24. On June 24th.
I miss her. I love her.

On a different note, I have another new picture today.

I love it.


That's why I'm blogging about it.

I love the fire hydrants around here. Hazel Green, Alabama.
Some of them are red. Some of them are yellow.
And some of them, like this gorgeous one, are both!

I saw this thing on the way home from my first deep water workout at the gym this morning, and decided to stop on the side of Pulaski Pike to take some pictures. It's a pretty busy road, but if you know me very well, you might already know that doesn't bother me. I like to make my own plans and decisions, and sometimes, "danger" is no factor. I'd rather get hurt conquering my fears than allow them to run my life.

But anyway, today was a good day. I went and worked out, took this picture (and many others) then came home and mowed. Very productive. I got things accomplished. And my back is actually NOT what's making me tired this time. Amazing. I enjoy this feeling. I'll try to keep it up.
Oh, I also applied for a job. Sports Authority. Woohoo... Hopefully if I get an interview I'll make a better impression than Lisa did at Buckle. But I don't have to worry about whether or not I like to keep up with the latest fashions.

So, yep, that was my day. I had fun writing this blog. Maybe this is why people do it. :]

I love you Shauney. I'm praying for you and Ben.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blogging Failure

That's me. I am a blogging failure. I've had a blog for months now, and I only have five posts.

People create such beautiful posts. They use beautiful words. They use beautiful formatting. They use beautiful pictures. They have beautiful ideas. They have beautiful everything!

And yeah, I have pictures... but I don't really know how to blog with them.

I'll try it out though.
Here's my picture of the day. I took it in Chattanooga
when I went to the aquarium with my family. Including Lisa.

I thought this little "Grille" was cute. I figured it could look pretty cool with an old-fashioned tint. Hopefully I accomplished what I was aiming for.
Personally, I like it.

That's why I'm blogging about it.

Ashley's brother, Ian, tells me there are tons of beautiful buildings in Chattanooga that he'd love to take pictures of in the sunset. We're gonna go back up there one day in July, and I'm so excited.

Ya know, I'm not even sure what a blog is for. I g
uess it's to give someone a glimpse of who you are, whether they know you or not, whether they see you everyday or not. To permanently keep a piece of you. A piece of life.
Well, in any case, that's my goal.

And to elaborate on my failurity, I can't for anything seem to make this blog look like I want it to! Two paragraphs are supposed to be beside the picture. It looks like I want it to when I preview it, but when I post it, everything changes. Failure. But, whatever, I'm happy that I actually wrote a new blog.