Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blogging Failure

That's me. I am a blogging failure. I've had a blog for months now, and I only have five posts.

People create such beautiful posts. They use beautiful words. They use beautiful formatting. They use beautiful pictures. They have beautiful ideas. They have beautiful everything!

And yeah, I have pictures... but I don't really know how to blog with them.

I'll try it out though.
Here's my picture of the day. I took it in Chattanooga
when I went to the aquarium with my family. Including Lisa.

I thought this little "Grille" was cute. I figured it could look pretty cool with an old-fashioned tint. Hopefully I accomplished what I was aiming for.
Personally, I like it.

That's why I'm blogging about it.

Ashley's brother, Ian, tells me there are tons of beautiful buildings in Chattanooga that he'd love to take pictures of in the sunset. We're gonna go back up there one day in July, and I'm so excited.

Ya know, I'm not even sure what a blog is for. I g
uess it's to give someone a glimpse of who you are, whether they know you or not, whether they see you everyday or not. To permanently keep a piece of you. A piece of life.
Well, in any case, that's my goal.

And to elaborate on my failurity, I can't for anything seem to make this blog look like I want it to! Two paragraphs are supposed to be beside the picture. It looks like I want it to when I preview it, but when I post it, everything changes. Failure. But, whatever, I'm happy that I actually wrote a new blog.


Lisa said...

that picture is just....beautiful.
family :-)

have you tried having the picture on the left, rather than center?

Brianna said...

Thank you.

I tried it on the left first. The words were beside it on the preview. I published it. The words were beneath it.
Then I tried it on the right. The words were beneath it again.
So I settled on the center.

Ruth said...

That picture of so many charming little places in little po-dunk (sp? word?) Texan towns. Sometimes I wish I lived "back then", but then I remember that "back then" they had no AC, and that is pretty important to me . . .