Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Post

Soooo, I have decided to try blogging. There are always things I want to say, but don't know who to say them to. So here I am. And here you are. Let's see how this goes.
That's all for today.
Cause I have stuff to do.
- Read
- Calculus
- Physics
- Read
- Rewrite
- Pictures!
- Letter
- Life


Lisa said...

title idea: Snapshots of my Life
or something like that

Brianna said...

Good idea!!!
I like the snapshots part.
I really want something that alliterates.

How bout maybe Snapshots of my Story

Lisa said...

yeah. i think snapshots is most definitely a must with you. cuz of your pictures and whatnot.

i like Snapshots of my Story...but i don't love it...I can't think of anything else, though.

Saga, perhaps? kind of epic...

if i think of anything else, though, i'll tell ya

Brianna said...

The pictures are a tad odd though.
It certainly looks FAR better than it did.
This is also more motivation to write blogs.
If my page is ugly, why bother with it?
You're doing awesome though!

As for my blog title, Saga does sound epic, but I don't think it really fits me. lol
I'll keep thinking about it.

Brianna said...

thesaurus says:

-sparkle (not sure how that relates)

We could also change snapshots, but I like that word.
-pictures (of course)
-photos (of course)


Brianna said...

snapshots of myself

pictures of my past

pictures of my personality

Something like that?

Lisa said...

i still stand by snapshots...
pictures is a little too vague. like it could be paintings, photographs, sketches, etc. whereas snapshots is specifically referring to photos. i like "snapshots of myself." still has the alliteration. and sounds good. i'm gonna look for more templates. i don't know how to change the pictures on top specifically, but i'll try....look at my new layout :)

Brianna said...

so snapshots of myself rather than snapshots of my story

Lisa said...

snapshots of my story is starting to sound better again....
but Snapshots of mySelf would be cool cuz you could capitalize the middle of the word. and to me story is like you're going to write a book on here rather than just showing glimpses of you and your life....but that logic seems flawed. i don't know :?

i kind of don't like having "my" in the title at all....but that's just me....

Brianna said...

I kind of like how the S is capitalized in the middle of mySelf. It's quirky and cute.

Why don't you like my in the title...?

Lisa said...

yeah. i think mySelf would be cool.

i can't quite explain my opposition to 'my.' i suppose that to me, blogging is a way for people to relate and by categorizing something as 'my,' it is in a subliminal way, cutting that connection. but that's a debatable aesthetic issue that isn't too big of a problem.

so i think Snapshots of mySelf is a good title. i mean, you can always change it later anyhow...

Lisa said...

i just noticed that your list of things includes a better be to me!!! i haven't gotten anything in the mail in sooooooooooooooooooooooo long that i only check my mailbox like once a week.

Brianna said...

Short Self Snapshots?

or maybe just Self Snapshots?

Brianna said...

P.S. I don't even know how to change it... Think you could help me out with that?

Lisa said...

from dashboard, you click settings and the second field down should be the title. change it.

Brianna said...

Do you like my title?

KATE!!!! said...

Personally, I like snapshots of my seasons. But that's just me.

Why are these filed under 2--9 if you got them today?

I like the fish BEST.