Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Disgusting reasons to not go to the Kroger down the road, especially after dark, not that daylight actually helps any... but still:

1. The Mexican guy who stared me up and down with a nasty and embarrassing (for me, that is) grin/snarl on his face. I almost threw up.
2. The. Freaking. ROACH! in the bathroom. I almost threw up.

That's really all I need. Honestly. Actually, just the second one is the only reason I need. Roaches are the nastiest things in existence. I think proof can be found in the fact that Lysol, which is intended to extinguish germs, kills roaches almost instantaneously. They're like giant, visible, creepy, crawly, naaaaaassssty germs. GAAAGGGGGGG!


Kate said...

Yes, Lysol kills big crawling GERMS lololol!

Kate said...

I remember when we found out lysol killed roaches. Lolololol!