Thursday, November 5, 2009

True Story.

So here's the thing: the hot and cold water in the bathroom at my apartment are backwards. Even though the right knob has a blue dot, and the left knob has a red dot. Red SHOULD indicate hot, but, ya know, this time it doesn't. Anyway, with this whole reverse thing, I've gotten used to the left knob producing cold water and the right hot. Because of this, when I use public restrooms, I still have the tendency to turn on the left knob... Then I get soap... Then I spread the soap over my palms and the backs of my hands... And so on... What this means is the hot water has plenty of time to get... HOT. Since I'm used to the other side being hot, I don't expect to get scalded when I put my hands under the water to rinse off the soap. However, I do. And this is a true story. Maybe I should just stop using public restrooms forever. Then I can just use my backwards little sink without worrying about getting burnt.

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