Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dreaming - minus the terror part.

There's this interesting thing about me that a few people know...
I kind of want to be an astronaut.

There have been times when I claimed that I don't actually want that, but I think it may have been because I don't think it could possibly happen. However, the truth is when I consider going to space, something inside gets bigger, it grows, it leaps. I sorta get butterflies, and it's a little difficult to breathe. Personally, I think that means something...
I don't know why I want this. I honestly can't figure out a really good reason to be an astronaut other than the fact that it's super duper cool. I can't specifically see why I would truly care to be an astronaut.
I mean, I love space, yeah... but it needs to be bigger than that. Just wanting to be an astronaut isn't a good enough reason. I'm sure hundreds of thousands of people have wanted to be an astronaut at some point or another. This desire has to be bigger than just my desires. I need a reason to be an astronaut, a reason to go to space, a reason to work for NASA. Something that will change me, something that will change other people, maybe even something that will change the world. I don't particularly want to do something if it's not going to make a difference.
Well, I'm looking into this. I'm still interested.
But I still don't know if it's possible.

Maybe one day I'll find out.

Sometimes dreams do come true. And in reality, the fact that people don't think it's possible makes me want to do it all the more.

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