Sunday, January 3, 2010

Over time I've become pretty convinced that my life and music are very complexly intertwined.
I can hardly imagine how dull life would be without music.
Just think about it... Movies wouldn't be nearly as captivating or dramatic without music. The songs bring the screen, the story, to life. Music evokes emotion. Some things you can only feel through hearing, feeling music. It encourages action. Have you ever just wanted to DANCE when you heard a song? I know I have. In fact, that happens to me all the time.

Also, the reverse is true. Not only does music cause emotion - emotions inspire music. Songs are born when there seems to be no other way to express what's inside. No other way that truly represents the combination of feelings and thoughts and desires, etc. It's those times when you're so happy you could sing. Times when you're hurt but don't know how tell anyone or what words to use. Songs can express it all.
Oh, and love. Love songs. Love is one of the strongest emotions that exists, and it's created SO many songs.
Probably more than everything else combined.

And I love how diverse music is. Pretty much *everyone* loves some kind of music or another. Some people love to play music, some people love to write music, some people love to just listen to music.
Basically... I. love. music.
And I can't imagine my life without it.

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John Galvan said...

Agreed. :]