Monday, January 31, 2011


It was a wonderful day. And it was a beautiful day.
I went to church this morning. It was great. :)
And then I ate a hamburger - my very favorite Sunday food.
My friend Aaron turned 21 today so a group of us celebrated his birthday with lunch. I didn't eat at the restaurant because I'm not a big fan of the type of food he chose, so that's why I had a hamburger. But I did hang out with them half the afternoon. It was great. We're really good friends. Aaron. Joey. Me. Boomer. Some others too. But especially me and Aaron and Me and Joey. They're some of my best friends.
The point is that today was a beautiful day, and as I was driving home, I saw this bright blue building over beside the highway.
So, what did I do? You see it coming. I know you do.
I took the first exit even though it was five seconds away and three lanes over, lol, and I turned back around to go take pictures at that building!
So I spent probably like an hour or two there? Taking random pictures. I got quite a few that I like. I decided these were my favorite so I smushed em together so I could post both. :)
I hope you enjoy!

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KK said...

Those two fit together, and they're both GREAT!
What happpppppened to your blog????